Theres no such thing as a silly question...

Theres no such thing as a silly question or an obvious answer.

Sometimes it can be the smallest concerns that stop a project before its even begun, 

Common questions I get asked include, 
Do I the space for my idea?  
Do I need any specialist materials or equipment?  
Is it the correct season/time of year? 
Will my plans fit my budget?
Its only a only small job, do you do...? 

If you have questions that you need answering about whatever size job you have in mind, please contact me.  

A little unsure about the design or construction methods for that project you have in mind? 
No problem, contact me for sensible advice with no jargon and easy to understand pricing.

Unsure about what’s possible for your outdoor space?
No problem, I can offer ideas to fit around your garden space, whatever size or restrictions it may have.

Planning a project for the future?
No problem again. I can work to fit around your lifestyle.

Please remember to include your name.

I always offer a friendly, polite and professional service.
Simple, all inclusive pricing. 
Quotes are free and there is never any pressure or obligation.